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Verse Shom

MSc., International Development, Tulane University, 2016

BSc., Business Administration and Management, American University of Nigeria, 2009

Multifaceted professional experience across economic policy, education, and development sectors.
I design solutions to address poverty and inequality (social deprivations). I also facilitate partnerships for organizations to deepen their impact on livelihoods and social inclusion programs. I've designed and lead programs/initiatives that support knowledge exchange, resource mobilization, and collaborative action among stakeholders. I'm also adept at applying new pedagogies, emerging concepts, and technology to improve quality of life for both urban and rural populations.

Expertise: Strategic planning, project implementation, project design, human-centered design thinking, partnership management, leadership management, content creation, impact management, research


Topics: Inequality, economic development, economic policy analysis, sustainable systems and supply chains, renewable energy, transportation systems, social innovation, Africa, Latin America, United States


Past Positions:

Executive Director/CEO, TAF, 2019-present 

Poverty Stoplight Specialist, Fundación Paraguaya, 2016-2018

Associate Director of Admissions, American University of Nigeria, 2013-2014

Assistant Economist, Central Bank of Nigeria, 2011-2013

Special Assistant to the President, American University of Nigeria, 2010-2011

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