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About Us

Arriba Impact fosters innovative solutions and collaboration to transform systems and improve livelihoods. We are a group of consultants, with varied and extensive experience in diverse areas of sustainable development, that is dedicated to the improvement of the quality of life of people around the world.

"At the heart of Arriba Impact there is knowledge exchange and a desire to create sustainable and long-term engagement strategies for organizations."



Consultancy Services

Strategic Planning

Partnership Management

Fundraising and Grant Management

Program Management

Human Resources

Diversity and Inclusive Practices

Communications and Marketing

Organizational Restructuring


Monitoring and Evaluation

Sustainable and Ethical Project Design

Areas of Expertise

Poverty Elimination

Economic Development




Food Security

Gender and Sexuality

Human Rights

Civic Engagement

Natural Disasters and Humanitarian Crises


Our Team

Our Team


Kelly Jones


Kelly Jones is the Co-Founder and Strategic Development Consultant at Arriba Impact specializing in Development and Projects Management. She is fluent in English and Spanish, has field experience in Latin America and East Africa, and focuses on strategic planning for optimized efficiency of organizations serving the global community. As a Development and Projects Manager at Fundación Paraguaya, she was responsible for the design and submission of 150 potential projects, of which over 3 million USD has been generated. She has worked on potential projects with multilateral organizations such as USAID, IADB, EU and various embassies. As Strategic Development Consultant with Arriba Impact, she seeks to assist organizations, private companies, and government entities in strategic planning, communications, human resources and strategic alliances, including fundraising.


Verse Shom


Verse Shom is the Co-Founder and Senior Consultant at Arriba Impact. He is also Executive Director at Torjir-Agber Foundation in Nigeria. He has been a Poverty Stoplight Specialist at Fundación Paraguaya, Associate Director of Admissions at American University in Nigeria, and Assistant Economist at the Central Bank of Nigeria. He has extensive experience in South America and in Africa in economics, social Enterprise, education, strategic planning, and organizational development, and has advised the Office of the Vice President of Nigeria (OVP) on policy design for post conflict reconstruction and reconciliation. He holds a Master's of International Development for Tulane University and a Bachelor's of Business Administration from the American University of Nigeria.


Laura Teerijoki

Research Specialist

Laura Teerijoki is a research specialist and consultant at Arriba Impact focusing on questions of gender and sexuality and current theoretical and analytical perspectives on human rights. As a researcher her focus is on equal access to material resources, global grassroots women’s rights movements, violence against women, international political economy, reproductive rights and technologies, urbanization and environmental development, social policy, inequality and livelihood. Fluent in English, Spanish, French and Finnish, Laura has over ten years of professional experience; most notably from the education sector at the Universidad Columbia, Paraguay and the American University of Nigeria alongside private companies in both gender and sexuality, but also arts, film, business, culture management and social ventures. She holds a Master's degree with distinction from The London School of Economics and Political Science.

"At the heart of Arriba Impact there is knowledge exchange and a desire to create sustainable and long-term engagement strategies for organizations."


Previous Projects

Previous Projects

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Asunción, Paraguay

Los Angeles, USA

New York, USA

Kampala, Uganda

Abuja, Nigeria

Niamey, Niger

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